Registration A (Grande Course)

The period for registration will start on 2019 December 11, 2019 at 5 p.m.

In the 2020 edition we score again for the circuit of the Grande Course, therefore, we must proceed in the same way as two years ago.

Tour A participants will have to be pre-register. Then, we will communicate by email to those admitted so they can formalize the registration.

Registration Procedure

Pre-registration:  Even if it is a race in pairs, the runners must register independently on the Grande Course website and then the team will be formed. To pre-register it will be necessary to have previously purchased the Grande Course card. Here are some helpful videos for pre-registration.

Admission: Race bib numbers will be allotted by lottery to runners who have made the pre-registration before December 27, 2019. Participation is limited to 125 teams.

How to formalize the registration: The organization will notify the admitted teams by e-mail so that they can make the payment and formalize the registration.

Price98€ / person, (70 € members of the Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, Club Altitoy and Club Peñalara). It includes registration, refreshments at the finish line during the two days and a final meal.

All the participants in the race will be given as a gift a Ternua backpack.

To complete the registration, it is necessary that each runner includes within the “personal space” of the website of the Grande Course a valid medical certificate for the race and a copy of the Mountaineering Federation license of year 2020 with coverage for the French Pyrenees before February 29nd, 2020..

If someone does not complete this section, they can present the documentation at Forum in Luz Saint Sauveur before collecting their number.

Very important:

In case of not being able to come once registered, the organization will return 80% of the registration fee to those who request it before February 22nd, 2020. From that date, the refund rights will be lost, but until February 29th, you can hand over your bib number to another person.