A trail:

  • The A trail race will be ruled by the FFME regulations, you can find it here.
  • Required material: as specified in the FFME regulations.

 B trail:

  • For senior participants, it is a non-competitive trail
  • For cadets and junior teams, the FFME rulesa and regulations apply, just as in the A path. The FFME rules are available here.
  • Mandatory equipment will be: helment, transceiver-arva, crampons, poles and shovel.
  • Appropiate clothing will be mandatory as well, including goggles, gloves and cap.
  • Those participants under 18 years old taking part in the B path MUST provide an authorization from their parents or legal representant.

ATENTION, THERE IS NO REFUELING ON THE COURSE. Each runner is autonomous and responsible for liquid and solid refueling.