Registration B

Registration will open on December 12, 2017 at 5 pm. As in previous years, the registration with payment will be done on the site of kirolprobak.comIt is recommended to register all personal data at the platform way in advance of the registration opening. Once registration is completed and in the case of a delay of payment, the competitor shall find a solution within 7 days, after that date and payment is not completed, the registration will be cancelled. .

This is a team race and the number of participants remains limited to 125 teams.

Registration price: 80€ / person, (55 € for members of the Basque Club of Camping ELKARTEA and the Altitoy Club and junior and cadet 30€ ) This price includes registration, a Ternua jacket, refreshments on arrival and Sunday lunch at the Forum in Luz Saint Sauveur.

Size guide

In order to complete the registration, it is necessary to send::

  • A valid medical certificate on the date of the race
  • 2018 valid national federation membership certificate (The ski insurance must include all French territory)
  • Participants under 18 years must submit duly signed parental authorization in order to participate in the race

This documents will be sent by e-mail before February 20 to the following address: 

If the licence has not been received at the time of registration please bring it to the Forum in Luz Saint Sauveur on Friday when race bibs and kits have to be collected. 

If any given participant wishes to cancel her registration for unexpected reasons, a 20% penalty will be discounted previous of February 12th,2016. Afterwards, there will be no refunds.

In the event of being registered for the race and unable to participate, the organization will reimburse 80% of the registration fee to those who apply before February 16, 2018. From this date, there will be no refund but the change of name will be possible..

Warning: the change of name will be only possible until February 23.